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The Confetti Hour Podcast

May 14, 2020

Megan DeWaele Bieber is the Founder and Social Media Lead of Hitched with a Hashtag. Megan is sharing her tips on how to best approach social media during this time and why it is important to maintain a presence and show up for your community! 
We discuss thoughts on: 
-What should I be posting, should I be posting? 
-Focus ing on what you can control and be reflective and authentic in your posting 
-Navigating social media and posting appropriate content 
-Be kind to ourselves, come up with a content strategy that works for you and your company or business. 
We will finish up with a lighthearted end to the conversation with  'Quarantine Confessions!' 
Featured Guest: Megan DeWaele Bieber is the Founder and Social Media Lead of Hitched with a Hashtag
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