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The Confetti Hour Podcast

Aug 11, 2021

David Strausser is the host of the smash hit, small business growth podcast Shark Bite Biz, a member of Forbes Biz Dev Council, a Harvard Business Review Advisory Council member, General Manager of the Northeast Region for Vision33, CEO of his media company, Dead Brands, LLC., and a Notary Public.

Having worked in tech...

Aug 11, 2021

I'm your host, Renée Sabo and this week I am jumping on to share some raw insights and updates on how the 2021 wedding season has affected my business. If you're feeling similar and need a place to vent, shoulder to lean on and a supportive community, connect with us over on instagram @urban_soiree or...

Aug 2, 2021

Margaux Fraise is the owner and creative director of Harmony Creative Studio, an award-winning boutique wedding firm in Los Angeles, CA. Since moving from retail consulting to events in 2011, her goal has been to design weddings with intention, infusing celebrations with her signature organic and
minimal style yet still...