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The Confetti Hour Podcast

Jun 18, 2021

Kelly McWilliams, a destination wedding planner-designer has been producing weddings, social events and celebrations since 2002 in Florida, Mexico and the West Indies. In 2020 Kelly launched a new branch to her company, A Last Minute Wedding which speaks to couples who want the full wedding experience in 90 days or less. She also launched her podcast for engaged couples, "This vs That, Wedding Decisions with Kelly McWilliams". Kelly has been widely published globally in her 19 years, but is much more proud that she has educated & sponsored over 40 student interns from FGCU. If you were to ask Kelly what she is most proud of outside of her work, she’d say it was her family. Kelly has been married to her husband, who is also named Kelly for +20 years and is a mom to daughters Madeline & Emily and dogs Monreau Gray and Olive Bleu.

You will hear all about Kelly's journey and tips for 'Selling the Idea of a Rockstar Team Instead of Yourself'! We will finish up with 'What She Wishes Other Vendors Knew' and of course, her 'Confetti Hour Confession.'


Featured Guest: Kelly A McWilliams of Kelly McWilliams Celebrations Weddings & Parties





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