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The Confetti Hour Podcast

Aug 15, 2019

Natalie Denyse is the owner of In Good Company PR, a boutique PR and marketing firm specializing in the wedding, events and hospitality world. In Good Company PR has represented tastemakers around the world; from destination event planners and top photographers to unique catering companies, jewelry designers, and more. With a holistic view of marketing, In Good Company PR is a committed partner to their clients - using media relations, social and content in tandem to generate strategic growth for creative brands.

Natalie's clients have appeared in The New York Times, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Martha Stewart Weddings, Vogue and more. Stay tuned for the end of our conversation for a special opportunity to get more support from In Good Company PR this year.

You are going to get a glimpse into Natalie's world working with inspiring event professionals to build their businesses, as well as her own journey as the inspiring creative entrepreneur she is. Natalie will also be speaking on 'Marketing in a Modern World' and the importance of diversifying your marketing efforts to ensure brand longevity and relevance. We will finish with what she wishes other vendors knew and her confetti hour confession!

Launching this Fall, In Good Company PR will be offering an expert-led course called the 'The Essential PR & Marketi Field Guide,’ serving creative brands in the wedding, events and hospitality world looking to accelerate their PR & marketing strategy, achieve market clarity, and creative freedom. Stay tuned #confettihoursquad for a special offer this Fall!

Featured Guest // Natalie Denyse of In Good Company PR
Instagram: @ingoodcompanypr

Natalie is offering our #confettihoursquad, $100 off 'The Essential PR & Marketing Field Guide,’ using promo code ‘CONFETTI’!