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The Confetti Hour Podcast

Oct 6, 2022

Meryl has spent 28 years in the special event & catering industry as co-founder of Feastivities Events, along with its subsidiaries OffShoots Decor and Philadelphia's Picnic Company. She also is the author of Booked It!, Cha-Ching, Becoming a Sales Superstar, and three how-to Style & Design videos; in addition, she is the creator of the Triangle Method Sales Training Platform.

She's ambitious, focused, and confident. This is more than a job; she's on a mission to help businesses get on their own path to success. Meryl's a passionate believer in entrepreneurship and uses her gifts to support businesses to build a stronger economy. Her philosophies have proved successful not only for her own business, but also for many other companies, trade organizations, and universities that have benefited from her training and advice. Also a Senior Consultant for Certified Catering Consultants, Meryl has worked throughout the US. Her particular areas of focus are sales and marketing, as well as design and branding. She provides consulting, coaching, and training services for a wide range of clients.

Her innovative leadership has earned prestigious accolades for her companies locally, nationally, and internationally. She has undoubtedly helped many other companies through her keen insight and an effervescent approach to teaching methods of success. In 2017, Meryl introduced a revolutionary new approach to sales for the special events industry. Coined The Triangle Method, this must-have digital training platform has been created for owners to maximize their sales teams' efficiency, significantly improve qualifying and closing ratios, and increase sales by as much as 40%.

Combining knowledge from her decades of hospitality experience with humor, she creates informative and interactive presentations.

You will hear all about Meryl Snow's journey and her tips to​'Rock That Stage- What Does It Take To Become A Speaker?.' We will finish up with 'What She Wishes Other Vendors Knew' and her 'Confetti Hour Confession.'

Featured Guest: Meryl Snow


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