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The Confetti Hour Podcast

Jul 28, 2022

Kelly Ann Peck, founder of Emerson Reese Creative, is committed to helping event entrepreneurs create their own path in life by translating her experience into actionable strategies that turn ideas into profitable businesses. She guides creative professionals in developing a roadmap to their version of success, whether that’s building a six-figure business or discovering more freedom in entrepreneurship. Growing up with an entrepreneur father and launching her own creative business has taught her the common pitfalls entrepreneurs face. She has made it her personal mission to give back to the event industry by helping business owners avoid the mistakes she made and, ultimately, reach their full potential.

You will hear all about Kelly Ann Peck's journey and her tips for​'Pricing During the Wedding Boom.' We will finish up with 'What She Wishes Other Vendors Knew' and her 'Confetti Hour Confession.'

Featured Guest: Kelly Ann Peck 


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