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The Confetti Hour Podcast

Sep 1, 2022

Eddie Babbage is the founder and CEO of Timeline Genius, a software company dedicated to revolutionizing the way wedding and event professionals create event day timelines. Prior to launching Timeline Genius, Eddie spent over 3 years researching the timeline creation process – interviewing hundreds of wedding planners nationwide and studying their timeline workflows. In addition to his work on Timeline Genius, Eddie is the host of the Wedding Industry Insider podcast, which provides interviews and insights from top figures in the wedding industry. In his earlier career, Eddie worked in fields ranging from e-commerce and social media to corporate law and investment banking.

You will hear all about Eddie Babbage's journey and his tips and thoughts on ​'Wedding Industry Technology.' We will finish up with 'What He Wishes Other Vendors Knew' and his 'Confetti Hour Confession.'

Featured Guest: Eddie Babbage


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