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The Confetti Hour Podcast

Mar 28, 2024

Tanya Pushkine born and raised in Brussels, Belgium to an American born musical conductor and German/Belgian painter. Upon moving to the USA, she was soon accepted to The Juilliard School’s Drama Division.  Immediately upon graduation, she was selected to play Mozart’s wife in Amadeus on Broadway, followed by roles on television, stage and film in both Europe and the US.

After a successful 10-year career, and the birth of two children, Tanya changed paths entirely and joined the corporate world with leading roles at LVMH, Sephora, L’Oréal, Barnes & Noble, Clarins and Nestle Skin Health. From being a Cultural Director to running Public Relations and Corporate Philanthropy departments for luxury brands, Tanya was fortunate to work with Beyoncé Lady Gaga, Naomi Watts, Eva Mendez, John Legend, and many more. As a global communications and brand strategist, she conceived, directed and produced major initiatives, events and philanthropic programs. 

Never letting go of her acting chops, she kept actively using the skills to coach leaders on public speaking and presentations…. until the wedding universe became her calling.

Tanya had been helping friends and family with their vows and toasts for years. Her own second wedding prompted her to become a professional wedding "vow whisperer." She made the bold decision to leave the corporate world and make her way essentially creating a new category in the wedding business.

Tanya’s business, The Vow Whisperer, is a service whereby Tanya helps couples write their vows, but in their own words.  She is not the writer, but brings out everything from anecdotes, memories, obstacles, incredible moments, intentions for the future and much more and collaboratively will craft the vows using the person’s own words. Additionally, Tanya coaches on public speaking which includes enunciation, voice projection, making eye contact while reading off a vow book, poise, confidence and all the tips and tricks to make it a perfect presentation of the most intimate part of a ceremony. Tanya officiates, and offers ceremony planning, as well and coaches family members and friends who want to officiate.  She also works with bridal parties on speeches and toasts.

Tanya is based in New York City with her husband, has two children and works globally in several languages.  She is currently on the board of the New York Chapter of WIPA.

Featured Guest: Tanya Pushkine of The Vow Whisperer


Instagram: @thevowhisperer

Headshot Photography: Philip Holt

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