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The Confetti Hour Podcast

Jun 13, 2019

Together over a lot of coffee, crazy ideas and a mutual love for making people’s dreams come true, Moira & Natalie founded Whim Events in 2011. They have designed and planned hundreds of weddings throughout the New England, and were named Best Wedding Planner in Boston by Boston Magazine in 2018. With over ten years of experience, the two specialize in joyfully and thoughtfully guiding couples through every stage of the engagement, and believe planning should be as joyful and fun as the day itself.
Moira is a New England native, and studied art and interior design at Suffolk University before starting her career in floral design. Before founding Whim, Moira worked in some of Boston's top floral shops including Winston Flowers, designed weekly florals for the Vera Wang boutique on Newbury Street, and created the floral set for the Boston-based movie "What's Your Number."

Natalie moved to Boston in 2003 to receive her Masters in marketing at Emerson College. She began her career in working as the brand manager and event planner for the global alcohol brand Magners Irish Cider in Boston and Germany before co-founding Whim Events.

In addition to planning and producing weddings all over New England, Moira and Natalie are also active in the Boston small business industry and are passionate about uniting other local creatives in the community to engage in collaboration over competition.

You will hear ALL about their incredible services for both couples and creatives, as well as their insight and expert advice on ‘Essential Dynamics of a Successful Business Partnership.’ We will finish up with what these ladies wish other vendors knew and their confetti hour confessions!

Featured Guests: Natalie Pinney and Moira Thompson of Whim Events

Instagram: @whimevents