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The Confetti Hour Podcast

Jan 20, 2022

Lorella's passion for wedding and event planning, as well as her entrepreneurial mindset, naturally led her to start her first company, La Jolie Bride, a bridal concierge service. She wanted to help every bride-to-be enjoy their moment in a stress-free, beautiful and magical way, all while offering her French touch, to their most romantic event.

Working with many brides over time, made her realize that one of their biggest struggles was to find accessories to go with their bridal look. Where to look? Will it match my dress? What will go well together? how many accessories are too many? Keeping all these concerns in mind, she decided to create a high end bridal accessories rental platform to help brides perfect their look in an effortless way.

In addition, Lorella believes you can have a big wedding without having a big impact on the environment. She works with brands that share her values and with brides that find it more fun to rent rather than buy.  

Lorella graduated from one of the world’s leading international hospitality management school, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2014 and gained experience at international companies such as W hotels, Publicis Live, Sotheby’s and Pictet & Cie SA, a Swiss private bank, where she was a marketing manager. She has organized exclusive events around the globe for ultra-high net-worth individuals and leading entrepreneurs. Her vast experience in hospitality, marketing and event management, have equipped her with a knowledge and expertise that make working in the wedding industry seamless. 

Featured Guest: Lorella Othenin-Girard of Borrowed by La Jolie Bride and La Jolie Bride

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