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The Confetti Hour Podcast

May 23, 2019

After successfully planning her own wedding in early March 2018, Megan realized there was a gap in the wedding vendor market for the social media savvy bride. With the belief that the most important event in a couple’s life should have a kick ass social media strategy, Megan decided to combine her two loves: social media and wedding planning and create hitched with a hashtag.

Megan has helped dozens of brides extend their weddings on Instagram and vendors who need guidance in leveraging social media to market their services. She holds eight plus years of social media marketing strategy experience for big tech brands in Boston.

In addition to working directly with brides, she services wedding professionals who are looking to master their social media game, in order to grow their followers and discover new clients.

You will hear all about Megan’s journey to starting and running her business, as well as her tried and true tips on how to ‘How To Tackle Instagram Without Letting It Control Your Life.’

Follow our Featured Guest, Megan DeWaele Bieber:

Instagram: @hitchedwithahashtag