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The Confetti Hour Podcast

Aug 11, 2022

Emily Jane Lee is the owner of a website design business called By Emily Jane, where she specializes in creating custom Squarespace websites for wedding professionals. From her former experience as a photographer, she totally understands how much of a headache it can be to create a website that actually helps you stand out and get clients. That's why Emily loves to teach other creatives how to incorporate more strategy and professional design into their own websites, through her speaking and blogging. She's worked one-on-one with over 70 small businesses around the world to help them reach their next level with a smart new website.

You will hear all about Emily Jane Lee's journey and her tips for​'How to Elevate Your Website Design: A Web Designer's Secrets.' We will finish up with 'What She Wishes Other Vendors Knew' and her 'Confetti Hour Confession.'

Featured Guest: Emily Jane Lee


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