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The Confetti Hour Podcast

Apr 2, 2020

With a lifetime of experience and studies in the entertainment industry, DJ Buono is Spinner Music Production’s driving power. “DJ” is a nickname rather than a job title. He was purposely named as David junior with the intent to call him ‘DJ’ as a nod to his father’s former Boston radio and nightclub DJ years. What started in his pre-teen years as a sweet 16 and middle school dance dj company has grown and gained traction as a multi-faceted Boston-based event production company with clients ranging from small family weddings to a few names found on the Fortune 500 list.

DJ’s Tips:

Network with competing companies and seek guidance from other vendor types

Seek Professional Guidance from both legal and accounting firms

Create a Crisis Management PR Plan

Formulate an Immediate Response/Crisis Rebooking Plan

Continue marketing for new sales and put out positive, upbeat and professional marketing efforts that will show you are an expert in your field!

Featured Guest: DJ Buono of Spinner Music Productions
Instagram: @spinnermusic

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